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FOR SALE: 668 Waikawa Beach Road.

FOR SALE: 13 Strathnaver Drive

13 Strathnaver Drive sold
13 Strathnaver Drive sold

FOR SALE: 34 Sarah St

For sale: 92 Strathnaver Drive

FOR SALE: 3 Mavis Avenue

FOR SALE: 28 Sarah Street

FOR SALE: 89 Strathnaver Drive

For Sale: 4 Mavis Ave

We have a lot of Canada Geese around here. To learn more about them, and geese in general, this 7 minute video is well-woorth watching: Geese: Peace Was Never an Option: serrated beaks and tongues! 1 Kg of poop per day!

Screenshot from the video of a Canada Goose on grass.

Any bin will doo.

Rubbish bin with sticker on the lid showing a person dropping a bag of dog poop in the bin and the words Any Bin Will Doo (with two letters o).

SOLD: 37 Sarah Street.

FOR SALE: 37A Waikawa Beach Road

FOR SALE: 21 Emma Drive.

River so blue; sea so sparkly.

Blue river water by the footbridge. Sparkling sea and river mouth under a blue sky.

A mundane beach sign transformed with imagination and driftwood. 👏

Beach sign with driftwood balanced across the top.

For sale: 37 Sarah Street

Seen those funny little narrow double tracks on the beach? It’s a Sand scarab beetle larva

Pericoptus truncatus is the largest of the New Zealand native scarab beetles. … The larvae, pupae and adults are common amongst the roots of marram grass and under or within driftwood. 

Sand scarab larva, side view. Larva, side view with distinctive tracks behind it. Larva, front view, with distinctive tracks behind it.

It’s an unattended beach Kontiki kind of day…

Orange cone, cooler and kontiki on the beach. Close up of the kontiki reel.

For sale: Kristin Place, 77 hectares.

FOR SALE: 3 Norna Grove

It’s very pleasant to kayak up the river.

River, river bankas, tip of kayak, blue sky.

FOR SALE: 45 Manga Pirau Street.

House for sale.

Under Contract: 5 Strathnaver Drive.

From a distance this looked like a big plastic bag full of rubbish. Closer up, it resembled a large fish. In fact it’s a tangled fishing net full of fish and crabs and the like.

Large tangled fishing net. Large tangled fishing net, another view.