For Sale, section, approx 25 Strathnaver Drive.

Section for sale sign: Harcourts.

River water quality as at 15 April 2019: Green

Check the latest info on the water quality at the footbridge. Monitoring began on 12 November 2018 and will finish at the end of April 2019. They are also monitoring toxic algae. Click the picture below for a larger version.

Latest E. Coli water quality reading at Waikawa Beach Footbridge —
15 April 2019: GREEN (15.0 MPN/100mL). Since 12 November 2018: 13 green, 6 orange, 4 red.

Graphs showing: Latest Water Quality results 15 April 2019: E. Coli at Footbridge: 15.0 MPN/100mL (GREEN); Toxic algae at Footbridge: no data; Enterococci at Tasman Sea: 10 MPN/100mL (GREEN).

Tonkin and Taylor beach erosion report; public meeting

At the WBRA Committee meeting on Saturday, 13 April 2019 Ramon Strong from the Horizons Regional Council presented the findings from the Tonkin and Taylor report on the river mouth and inlet.

Figure showing the Waikawa inlet area, river throat and various structures.

New improved all-purpose access to Waikawa Beach

Council are about to sign a formal 3 year license for the use of a strip of land to give better access to the beach. The Council will do minor improvements and planting, including maintenance on the track.

At the current vehicle entrance, looking south. Sandy track, beach, water.

Refresh for north and south tracks off Reay Mackay Grove

Update on the beach tracks off Reay Mackay Grove: the lupins blocking the south track have been cleared and the sandy parts of the north track have been mulched. Now, just no horses or motorbikes along there to chew it up, please!

The south track has at last been cleared of lupins.

The north track has been given a nice layer of mulch over the sand. At the start of the track.

The north track has been given a nice layer of mulch over the sand. Mid way along the track.

The north track has been given a nice layer of mulch over the sand. Looking back from the beach end of the track.

FOR SALE: 13 Amy Way

Waikawa Stream and ephemeral art

The next workshop will be based on building rafts from driftwood. It will be held at the Hank Edwards Reserve, Waikawa Beach on Easter Saturday, 20 April 2019, 1pm to 3pm.

Waikawa Blueberries Easter Egg Hunt 13 April 2019

Easter is coming early to Waikawa Blueberries. We will have the annual Easter Egg hunt this Saturday 13th April from 10 am. Children under the age of 13 can hunt for eggs among the blueberries from 10 am until midday. We still have a lot of berries, but they may not last until Easter because it is so late this year.

Source: Waikawa Blueberries Facebook Page.

Waikawa Blueberries is at: 123 Waikawa Beach Road, Manakau.

Waikawa Beach erosion protection or a buffer zone as in Paekakariki?

Give your views on Horowhenua Integrated Transport Strategy