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Photos from a drone

A professional operator with his own DJI Inspire v1 drone visited recently and took a few photos of our property and the area nearby. I was very lucky that he did this as a favour, so I wasn't hit with the fee you'd expect for a professional photo shoot. The following 15 second video shows the drone taking off from our yard.


Blair flew the drone at various heights, including the maximum allowed 120 metres.

I was so excited to finally see our area from above (Google Maps is good, but this is better).

We live in a land of lakes around here, with ancient wetlands all up and down this coast. There are two small, privately owned and unnamed lakes at the end of Strathnaver Drive. To our east, behind some trees, is Lake Huritini. To our South is Lake Waiorongomai, and closer to the coast is another privately owned lake at the end of Reay Mackay Grove.

Lake Waiorongomai and unnamed private lake.

Lake Waiorongomai, about 1 Km away, and private lake closer to the sea. Kāpiti Island about 20 Km away in the distance.

Lake Huritini.

Lake Huritini about 1 Km away.

Strathnaver Drive and Waikawa Beach village.

Strathnaver Drive and looking North to the village, about 800 metres away.

Lakes at the end of Strathnaver Drive, and the estuary.

Centre: private lakes, river mouth, right: village.

Many thanks to Blair, who visits Waikawa Beach from time to time.