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A delightful beach interlude

Next week the Council is scheduled to do a River Cut — cutting a channel to send the river more directly out to sea. I believe they also plan to restore the vehicle access to the beach.

It’s been around 4 months now since the river shifted and blocked vehicle access. Occasionally vehicles have made it onto the beach, but by and large we’ve had a wonderful, quiet and easy time.

It’s been bliss to walk the dogs without looking over my shoulder all the time. It’s been so relaxing and, well, beach-like.

It’s my impression that the birds are more settled, and more numerous.

It’s been so good to see the driftwood stay where the sea has left it, to watch the sand building up around it.

The shellfish beds have had a chance to remain uncompressed and undisturbed too.

I love the way the river has created a large loop, providing plenty of spots for gulls to hang out. The other day a flock of maybe 30 arrived with much commotion, swooping down to the river, presumably fishing. Then they landed and sat in the shallow water. A few didn’t have solid sand underfoot and would drift sideways downstream with the current until they reached the end of the group, when they would fly back to their starting point.

It’s been a delightful interlude.

Strong wind, near high tide, wave warning.

Strong wind, near high tide, wave warning.