Another accident nearby: 3-car crash on State Highway 1 outside The Greenery near Manakau about 6.55pm on Sunday 19 May 2019.

One person was seriously injured and five others moderately injured.

Via: Six people injured in three-car crash in Horowhenua, helicopter on the way

Spotted today by a local: maybe a dozen cows wandering around Reay Mackay Grove, on and off the beach via the tracks, and last seen heading for Ōtaki along the beach. Photo by Stephen Betts.

Half a dozen wandering cows by Reay Mackay Grove.

Section for sale: 38 Uxbridge Terrace

Photo of rural land for sale.

Ten-Five is the number for non-urgent Police calls.

use 105 for non-emergency situations. … your car has been stolen, property …damaged, or … to give Police information about crime in your area

use 111 if a crime is taking place or there’s a threat to life or property.

The last ephemeral arts workshop in the series is tomorrow at the Waikawa DOC Campsite, from 11am – 1pm. We will be creating an installation at the stream, painting rocks, guided by artist Birgit Moffatt. Check out a previous one.

Recycling Changes start May 2019

You can request a smaller 80L bin or a second recycling crate instead of a 240L bin …. we sell tow hitches at cost price to tow your recycling wheelie bin behind your car.

Waikawa Beach groyne to be partly removed

Horizons Regional Council has agreed to pay for $20,000 in modifications to a dysfunctional seawall at Waikawa Beach.… a report recommended part of the groyne should be removed as it was potentially reducing its effectiveness.

Latest Water Quality results 29 April 2019:

E. Coli at Footbridge: 2046 MPN/100mL (RED)

Toxic algae at Footbridge: no data

Enterococci at Tasman Sea: 10 MPN/100mL (green)

These are the final results for the season. Not bad —- it’s been Green 50% of the time.

Graphs showing: Latest Water Quality results 29 April 2019:  E. Coli at Footbridge: 2046 MPN/100mL (RED); Toxic algae at Footbridge: no data; Enterococci at Tasman Sea: 10 MPN/100mL (green).

Fishing vessel 901350 Clam Legacy was working just off the beach today.

Fishing vessel 901350 Clam Legacy facing the shore. Fishing vessel 901350 Clam Legacy showi ng the rear of the boat and the fishing gear. Fishing vessel 901350 Clam Legacy side on showing the lines and floats trailing behind.

Saturday 04 May 2019 opens the game bird hunting season Look after your pets.

Female and male mallard ducks with pukeko in the background.

SOLD: 27 Strathnaver Drive.

Sold notice for 27 Strathnaver Drive.

It’s a rare day when you find even a strand of seaweed on Waikawa Beach. After yesterday’s storm though there are clumps of it every 10 or 20 metres. Some kelp, some other stuff. Oshi managed to photobomb.

Large clump of seaweed. Clump of kelp. Large clump of seaweed with a small white dog sniffing it.

River mouth photo 24 April 2019.

Jim Strivens gave me permission to use his photo from Sunday, 28 April 2019. This driver should have paid attention to the ‘Soft Sand’ warning sign.

Photo by Jim Strivens of a vehicle stuck in sand while driving around the Waikawa Beach estuary.

Unfair dog registration fees

Horowhenua District Councillor Christine Mitchell has forced a last-minute review of a dog fee model she said unfairly penalised owners of well-behaved dogs.

Looks like we’re in for 2 to 3 metre swells on Monday:

Wave heights … will still be …spreading up the North Island’s west coast late Monday and into early Tuesday.

High tide on Monday will be around 5.19 am and 5.52 pm.

New Zealand map showing expected wave heights on Monday.

Public meeting about Waikawa Beach erosion

Saturday 08 June 2019, 10 am at Manakau Hall. RAMON STRONG, Horizons Regional Council, will give a presentation on the report from Tonkin and Taylor about erosion at the river mouth and options for Horizons to deal with the erosion.

Meeting flyer.

Love these drone photos shot by a twitter pal: Fresh views of the river and (near) shore . Thanks, Friend of Waikawa.

There were folks fishing off the beach this morning with kontikis. Meanwhile Kāpiti island looked staunch in the background.

3 utes lined up in a very carefully arranged row on the beach, with 2 men chatting and one sitting on the bed of a truck.Looking south across beach and sea to Kāpiti Island.

Kāpiti Island was cloaked in mist, but a gull was relaxing on the beach.

Kāpiti Island with the top hidden by cloud or mist. Black and white gull resting on the beach.

Fishing vessel 63018 Clam Legend was working very close to shore near the river mouth again today.

Fishing vessel 63018 Clam Legend near the shore. Fishing vessel 63018 Clam Legend near the shore. A couple of people can be seen on deck.

Water quality at the footbridge 21 April 2019

Water quality at the footbridge. Monitoring began on 12 November 2018 and will finish at the end of April 2019.

Latest E. Coli water quality reading at Waikawa Beach Footbridge —
21 April 2019: RED (813.0 MPN/100mL). Since 12 November 2018: 13 green, 6 orange, 5 red.

E. Coli at Footbridge: 813.0 MPN/100mL (RED); Toxic algae at Footbridge: no data; Enterococci at Tasman Sea: 10.0 MPN/100mL (green).

Paenga-whāwhā (April) 2019 Newsletter

*Tonkin and Taylor beach erosion report *New improved all-purpose access to Waikawa Beach *Refresh for north and south tracks *Property news *Next Committee meeting *Subscriptions and contact info *Do you know: Bittern or Matuku

The waves were maybe 1 metre high today — a bit more energy than the last few days.

Looking south across the beach towards Kāpiti Island.

It’s Easter weekend so someone’s been riding their motorbike illegally up into the dunes. Bugs me every time!

Motorbike tracks leading up into the dunes.