High tide again, and there’s still plenty of water in the river. The flows seem to have eaten into the sand left behind from the removal of the high-angle groyne. The river may flow a bit more directly into the sea once the tides and flows subside.

Looking west past the groyne and river throat with a full river.

This morning at high tide (3 metres) and with a 3 metre swell in open sea the river was full and muddy but not especially swift. There was a lot of rain overnight too, and in the hills, so the usual paddocks were flooded.

Muddy water looking west from the footbridge. Muddy water under the footbridge.

Someone dumped citrus prunings on the beach. 👿 This was one of two clumps.

Citrus prunings with ripe fruit.

FOR SALE: 44 Sarah St. Asking price $495,000.

44 Sarah St house.

How many lines people does it take to replace a power pole crossbeam? A lot.

Numerous workers at the top of a power pole working on the lines.

From the setting up of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association in 1974, before women were people too 😳:

Present: 27 Ratepaying residents, whose names are attached herewith, some of whom were accompanied by their wives or friends.

Photo of first page of meeting minutes.

Toilet block fix July 2019

The toilet block is about 50 years old. It’s time to clean up the septic tank dispersal field.

⚠️ Cyclists - fed up with speed bumps?

Speed bump on Strathnaver Drive.

Garden bird survey: 29 June – 7 July 2019

Bird identification guide, reduced in size and quality.

Midwinter Quiz Night 19 July 2019

It was another lovely sunset. Calm, light blue sea. Few clouds.

Looking northwest across the sea. Setting sun on the left. Lines of small waves leading to tthe right.Looking south towards Kāpiti Island. Blue sky above, a line of gold along the horizon, calm blue sea.

Toilet block update 25 June 2019

Today we heard there is a problem with the effluent field which should be fixed next week.

Toilet block update 18 June 2019

Section FOR SALE at 50 Strathnaver Drive. This one sold recently and is now back on the market. harcourts.co.nz/Property/…

50 Strathnaver Drive section.

There were a few clumps of seaweed on the beach this morning. The newly built-up rock groyne is looking good. It was a beautiful day to take photos. That last, looking upriver from the groyne.

Clumps of seaweed. Rock groyne. Looking upriver from the groyne.

OpenTopography map shows erosion and accretion at Waikawa Beach between 2013 and 2015. Red shows erosion; blue shows accretion.

Difference layer showing erosion and accretion. Google Maps shows the area of interest.

Hank Edwards toilet block closed until further notice

The Horowhenua District Council have visited the Hank Edwards toilet block this morning to deal with the problem of water overflowing. Their immediate action has been to close the whole toilet block until further notice.

There’s an overflow pipe which takes overflow water from all the toilets to the septic tank. That pipe has blocked (repeatedly).

The fix isn’t yet clear as to whether it simply needs flushing out again or some more major work involving a new trench, and the various resource consents and so on that go with such work.

We’ll update everyone as soon as we know what the next steps will be.

Update: I asked the Council if they could provide something like a Portaloo in the interim if the toilets will be closed. They said they’d try to sort something out by the end of the day. Council officers have been very proactive today and are keeping us well-informed.

For the severalth time in the last 6 months or so the women’s toilet at Hank Edwards Reserve is overflowing. We’ve alerted the Horowhenua District Council and they’ve promised to attend to it promptly. We’ve asked for a permanent fix. BTW: the water comes from a bore.

Water flowing out of the door to the womens toilets.

Manakau Indoor Bowling Club

Looking for something new and fun to do on a Monday night, then come down to the Manakau Community Hall and give indoor bowls a try! Monday nights March - September from 7:15pm Manakau Community Hall, Mokena Kohere Street, Manakau Everyone is welcome Contact: Sue on (06) 362 6782 or Graham on (06) 364 5584 for more information.

Manakau Indoor Bowling Club details.

I popped down to the beach at sunset. I looked at the fluffy pink clouds in the East. And at pink clouds above the setting sun. And watched as the sun slid below the horizon.

Fluffy pink clouds in the East. Pink clouds above the setting sun. The sun dropping below the horizon, with sea in the foreground.

Pipiri (June) 2019 Newsletter

Report from the Public Meeting on erosion

A group of about 30 attended the public meeting.

Will you be our WBRA Secretary?

Could you step up to help until the next AGM (or even beyond)?

The Secretary role requires perhaps 2 or 3 hours per week, sometimes in bursts, and may be best served by someone who lives here or nearby.

Congratulations to our own John Russell for his Queen’s Birthday honour: MNZM

FOR SALE: 9 Kristin Place.