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An official complaint to Horowhenua District Council re track maintenance

I'm fed up that the Horowhenua District Council haven't sorted out the lupins blocking the south beach track off Reay Mackay Grove so today I've emailed an offical complaint:

I’d like to make an official complaint at the lack of action on what I believe to be a perfectly reasonable request: to clear lupins impeding pedestrian access on the south beach track off Reay Mackay Grove in Waikawa Beach.

On Thursday 07 March 2019 I asked for contractors to walk the length of both (south and north) tracks and to remove the lupins (and any gorse and blackberry) that are within a metre of either side, especially where the track's narrow. The toitoi and flax also needed trimming as they were encroaching on both tracks too.

On 21-Mar-19, when nothing had been done, I requested immediate action. The customer reference number for this job was 140693/2019.

On 05-Apr-19 I queried why nothing had been done and received this reply: "I have checked up on the job for you, and found it has been classed as completed – but as you still have concerns about the state of the track, I have put forward another request with our contractors. The reference for this job is 142160/2019”

As of today, Thursday 11 April 2019, the lupins are still blocking the track.

This is extremely frustrating and annoying.

Contractors arrived to mow the track as I was leaving the beach this morning. I stopped and asked if they would also be clearing the lupins and they said they were only here for the regular mowing.

Attached is a photo from 07 March, showing the impending problem. Also attached are two photos from this morning, showing how the lupins have grown and small dogs have to battle the lupins (as do people) to get through.

I don’t understand how the original request could have been classed as completed when zero work was done. I wonder whether anyone ever checks on work done by contractors?

This is a popular track, well-used by locals and visitors alike. It’s extremely disappointing that it’s not being maintained to a level that allows people to actually readily use the track. It would be good to see the track maintained to a level where there is at least 1 metre width clear of impediments such as lupin, gorse and blackberry.

Update: a couple of hours later I received a response:

Apologies for the current state of the track, I’ve called the contractors responsible and explained that it is nowhere near up to standard and needs to be addressed urgently. They happen to have a crew spreading mulch on the northern access today and my expectation is that they will take care of this while they are there.
Ben Wood
Parks and Property Officer

Further update, 11-Apr-19:

After discussing the complaint we found our contractors had not walked the track and made an assumption it was up to standard from the entrance way. While we inspect some of our contractor’s work, we are unable to visit every location and rely on feedback such as yours if there is an issue.

CRM 140693/2019 was noted as completed based on the visual inspection at the entranceway.

CRM 142460/2019 is incomplete and overdue, and was soon to be followed up with the contractor as to the status of the track. Jacob Upjohn
Customer Experience Manager (Acting) • Tumu Whakawhanaunga Kiritaki

Lupin blocking the south track on 07 March 2019.

Lupins impede south track on 11 April 2019.

Small dogs vs lupins.