With all the wide beach to drive on, why do people drive across the fragile growing ends of the Spinifex at the base of the dunes! It’s also illegal. Vehicles should drive at around the high tide mark.

Tire tracks across the base of the dunes.

The spinifex is starting to produce seed heads.

A swathe of spinifex. Close up on two spinifex seed heads.

FOR SALE: 5 Strathnave­r Drive.

The river has made a new loop.

View of river mouth and estuary showing the loop. Panoramic view of river mouth and estuary showing the loop.

SOLD: turret house at south end of Reay Mackay Grove.

SOLD sign outside turret house at south end of Reay Mackay Grove.

Surfers love to surf.

A person sitting on a surboard in the sea. A person sitting on a surboard in the sea.

FOR SALE: 41 Strathnaver Drive.

For sale sign outside 41 Strathnaver Drive.

FOR SALE: Lot 5/55 Waikawa Beach Road, Manakau. Near SH1.

FOR SALE: 61 Emma Drive

Lines people are busy replacing cross arms on the power poles. Dangerous work too: the lines are live.

Lines workers up the pole.

Latest E. Coli water quality reading at Waikawa Beach Footbridge —

24 November 2019: orange (309 MPN/100mL).

Since 12 November 2018: 1 green, 1 orange, 2 red.

Tasman Sea: 10.0 MPN/100mL red.

E. Coli at North Manakau Road: 10.0 MPN/100mL (green).

Water quality graph.

FOR SALE: 7 Sand Dune Grove

Toilet block improvements?:

The Horowhenua District Council wants to improve our facilities by making some necessary structural repairs and also overhauling things to improve the usefulness and user-friendliness.

Plans for the existing toilet block.

Manakau Strategic Plan 2019— may affect Waikawa Beach

RSVP to the MDCA by 18th November 2019.

FOR SALE: 9 Sand Dune Grove

River mouth photo 07 October 2019.

Drone photo of the Waikawa Beach river mouth area.

On the beach this morning, 04 November 2019: what seems to be a partially expended firework. Not what I want to see lying around in the sand…

A partially expended firework.

Manakau Country Fair, Sunday 10 November 2019 from 11:00-14:00 at Manakau School, 9 Mokena Kohere Street, Manakau.

Not only do some people think the beach is a rubbish tip ($5,000 for a bit of garden waste?), but there are some who also think the whole darn world is too. I’ve reported today 3 lots of fly-tipping along Waikawa Beach Road! !@#$%!!!!

All perhaps from a garage cleanout?

Plywood, glass and other rubbish on the side of the road. A whole mess of rubbish, perhaps from a garage cleanout? Discarded paint cans.

$5,000 for a bit of garden waste?

The illegal dumping of rubbish or littering of any kind in public places, on roadside and parks and reserves is an offence under the Litter Act 1979.

…liable to an instant fine of $400, or on prosecution a fine not exceeding $5,000.

Weeds dumped at the beach. Garden waste dumped at the beach.

Sand build-up by Manga Pirau Street beach access. Vehicles beware.

Vehicle access on to beach is covered with soft sand.

Strathnaver BBQ tomorrow. We have a load of sausages — beef, goat, pork — from local producer Woody’s Farm — thanks Daniel for the fantastic deal you gave us! I bought fresh produce (no photo) at Garden of York. Supermarket for the rest. 65 attending! The grant gave us $4 pp.

Around 90 sausages from Woody’s Farm: beef, goat, pork. Part of the shopping for the BBQ.

The Kuaka, Bar-tailed Godwits, have arrived! Today I spotted the first half dozen of the season. 🐦

Kuaka in flight. 4 Kuaka in shallow water.

Refreshed speed signs at the village entrance, now Waikawa Beach Road is only 80 Kph. These surely aren’t right: a] in the wrong place and b] 50 is only a caution, not a limit sign. Hooray for where we want the signs, but I bet they don’t last. I bet they don’t comply with law.

Village entrance 50 Kph caution sign. Village exit 100 Kph sign, in the wrong place.

Fires and smoke at Waikawa Beach

Horowhenua District Council manage smoke nuisance complaints which need to be phoned through at the time. 06 366 0999

All beach and sand dune areas remain in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) 365 days a Year.

Smoke from outdoor fires must not go beyond the boundaries of your own property.