The southbound passing lane on SH1 north of Ōtaki, between the intersections of Lawlors Road and Taylors Road, will be closed permanently from Tuesday 22 October 2019.

Map showing passing lane location.

FOR SALE: 80 Reay Mackay Grove.

Strathnaver Party

Strathnaver folks, come to the

Labour Weekend 2019 Strathnaver BBQ
Vegans catered for too
3 to 5 pm on Sunday 27 October 2019

Where: at the lakes at the corner of Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove.

In the last few years a lot of the properties around here have been bought and / or built on. More and more people are living in the Strathnaver area or visiting and we thought it was time we had a party so we can all get to know one another a bit better.

If you have to turn off Sarah Street onto Strathnaver Drive to reach the property you own or live in, then you're invited. Please RSVP 📩 so we know how much food to buy.

The Horowhenua District Council have an Events Grant whose purpose is to foster neighbourliness and greater social connection. We applied for and were given a grant to hold a street party / BBQ for the Strathnaver folks.

That means we can buy the sausages, salads, fizz and juices for a get-together. Now we just want you: our current and potential friends and neighbours to join us.

If it's wet, we'll hold it on the Monday morning. Watch this page for updates …

‘He pai hoki te haere mai ki te kai tahi, te kōrero tahi.’ — 'It’s good to come and eat together and talk together.'

The sea was very calm this morning. A view south from Waikawa Beach towards Kāpiti Island.

Looking south from Waikawa Beach towards Kāpiti Island.

The river at the mouth is totally looped back on itself.

Aloop of river at the mouth.

Uurgh, what a mess. Trying to find facts about rules and responsibilities around outdoor rubbish fires. It’s a confusing mishmash of Horowhenua District Council, Horizons Regional Council, and Fire and Emergency. One thing though: no fires are ever permitted on beaches here.

It’s always good to see ring-necked doves around the place.

Small ring-necked dove.

At the end of September the Horowhenua District Council put up these (incorrect) speed limit signs at the corner of Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove. One side said 50, the other 60. Both should be 60. As of today the signs have disappeared. Council? Local? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Speed limit signs showing 50 Kph.

Waikawa folks: if you live in, own a property in or even just regularly weekend in the Strathnaver area then you’re invited to a Labour Weekend BBQ so we can all get to know our neighbours. RSVP required for catering.

Safety improvements on SH1 - your comments:

A review of speed limits on SH1 from Ōtaki to Levin will begin in the near future. … we will be actively seeking input and feedback from the community.

We’re growing

Recently released data from Statistics NZ shows the Horowhenua district increased in population by over 3000 people between the last two census counts.…

Expressway next steps have been funded

NZTA has committed to undertake the next steps for the transport corridor bwteeen Ōtaki and North of Levin.

It is also committed now to progress safety improvements for the existing SH1 as an “immediate priority.” …

FOR RENT: 3 Sarah Street

Spinifex and pīngao were planted:

On Saturday 28 September 2019 a staunch dozen or so folks turned up to help plant 3,000 spinifex and 500 pīngao plants near the north track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove.

How to report problems to Horowhenua District Council:

Use email to, phone 0) 366 0999, the Online Request Form or the Council’s Facebook page. Please also let the WBRA know if the issue is related to Waikawa Beach.

New spelling of Manawatū-Whanganui (Horizons) region:

The h in Whanganui has now been added to the spelling of the region, which is consistent with the views of local iwi and their dialect or mita.…

A macron or tohutō has been added to the u of Manawatū

Join us to plant Spinifex on Saturday 28 September 2019.

Horowhenua District Council are again making spinifex plants available to bolster the dunes. Meet at 10 am at the north track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove. Last year ~40 volunteers helped. Will you come and help?

Volunteers planting spinifex in the dunes in 2018.

FOR SALE: 42A Strathnaver Drive

Stones left on Hank Edwards Reserve to be cleared

Dredge 831350 was working off the south end of the beach today.

Dredge 831350 and shallow waves.

Sarah Street attempted break-in 05 September 2019

It pays to lock up your property folks. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 111.

FOR LONG TERM RENT: 111 Strathnaver Drive.

$560 per week. Suitable for up to 4 tenants. No pets or smokers.

Some days the beach is covered in what is essentially a mulch carpet of driftwood. Weird how these things come and go. That ‘cliff’ is less than knee high.

A cliff of tiny bits of driftwood. A mulch carpet of driftwood.

Horse Events 14 September and 06 October 2019

(Summer) yoga classes?

a request for yoga classes on Sundays, especially over summer. These could be held on Hank Edwards Reserve, or perhaps on the beach. Are you someone who’d like to offer a public yoga session at Waikawa Beach? Or would you like to participate in one?