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From time to time we ask the Horowhenua District Council to sort out a problem. This page is a list of such tickets. If you report an issue please let us know so we can track it here.

Note: what I've discovered is that you have to keep following up on requests or they are likely to be ignored or abandoned.

Tips: approx 500 metres north of the Waiorongomai Stream is a boundary marker showing where Kāpiti stops and Horowhenua begins. If there's a problem south of that marker contact Kāpiti Council, , phone 04 296 4831. For anything north of that boundary contact Horowhenua District Council: , phone: 06 366 0999. Remember to keep the reference number they give you so you can follow up.

  1. 12 November 2019: queried whether a recycling container will be located here this summer, and suggested a better location where it shouldn't disturb resident neighbours. Customer Request No 156188/2019. A phone call on 15-Nov-19 gave more info but this may be tricky to resolve. We're still exploring options. Status: not resolved.
  2. 29 October 2019: three lots of fly-tipped rubbish on Waikawa Beach Road reported: forwarded that on to our waste team to review and respond. Reference CRM 155402/2019. After a couple of reminders and some additional info on location this was eventually all cleared away. Status: resolved.
  3. 23 September 2019 obscured speed bump sign on Sarah St reported: raised this with our Roading Team to inspect. Reference CRM 153604. Status: not resolved.
  4. Dead goats. Customer reference number CRM 149362/2019 (19 July 2019), Customer reference number CRM 149519/2019 (22 July 2019). A third goat 31 July 2019. Status: resolved.
  5. 21 July 2019: the Give Way sign at the corner of Sarah St, Waikawa Beach, and Waikawa Beach Road has been knocked down. Customer reference number CRM: 149590/2019. As at 02-Aug-19 Status: resolved.
  6. Thursday 04 April 2019: Someone has added graffiti to the boat ramp barrier and to a couple of posts. Please could you get someone to remove the graffiti. Update 10-Apr-19: the graffiti has gone. Status: resolved.
  7. Wednesday 20 March 2019: asked for bottles and other rubbish left behind when the recycling crate was removed to also be removed. CRM 141418/2019. Update 22-Mar-19: the rubbish is gone. Status: resolved.
  8. Monday 18 March 2019: the first toilet on the women's side in the Hank Edwards Reserve toilet block is leaking. Update 18-Mar-19 It has been forwarded to our Facilities Maintenance Coordinator for follow up. Customer Request No 141277/2019. Later update: it appears to have been fixed. Status: resolved.
  9. To Horizons Regional Council: 11 March 2019: advised of weed choking the river upstream of the bridge. Update 18 March 2019: spoke with an HRC staff member. They are to advise me soon of what will be done. Status: unresolved.
  10. Thursday 07 March 2019 to Horowhenua District Council: Please ask your contractors to walk the length of both tracks and to remove the lupins (and any gorse and blackberry) that are within a metre of either side, especially where the track's narrow. The toitoi and flax also need trimming as they're encroaching on both tracks too. Update, 21-Mar-19: requested immediate action. The customer reference number for this job is 140693/2019. Update 05-Apr-19: I have checked up on the job for you, and found it has been classed as completed – but as you still have concerns about the state of the track, I have put forward another request with our contractors. The reference for this job is 142160/2019 Update 11-Apr-19: I made an official complaint and a couple of hours later I received a response:

    Apologies for the current state of the track, I’ve called the contractors responsible and explained that it is nowhere near up to standard and needs to be addressed urgently. They happen to have a crew spreading mulch on the northern access today and my expectation is that they will take care of this while they are there.
    Ben Wood
    Parks and Property Officer

    Update: August 2019:

    Status: resolved.
  11. Monday 03 December 2018 to Horowhenua District Council: request to trim lupins on Reay Mackay Grove — the north end of Reay Mackay Grove at Waikawa Beach … lupins encroaching by a metre or more onto the road. Customer Reference # 135417/2018 Update Tuesday 05 February 2019: I've asked again for this work to be done. Customer Reference Number is 138748/2019. I've also emailed the head of roading and asked again. Update 21-Mar-19: another request for this work to be done.

    Update: August 2019:

    Status: resolved.
  12. Sunday 11 November 2018 to Horowhenua District Council: request to trim encroaching vegetation on the two tracks off Reay Mackay Grove: Please ask the team to go right along both tracks, including the boardwalk at the west end. On the south track in particular there is lupin right beside the track that needs to be removed. Customer Reference # 134166/2018. The work was done on 23 November 2018. Status: resolved.
  13. 02 October 2018 to Horowhenua District Council: the dog poop bag dispenser at the South track on Reay Mackay Grove is out of bags. Please refill. Their reply: I have forward your email to the Animal Control Team to respond. Customer Reference No. 132083/2018. Update 11-Oct-18: I asked for this to be done urgently and received this reply: Thank you for your email. This has been forwarded to the Animal Control Team Lead to follow up. A new customer reference CRM 132613 has also been created. Update 11-Oct-18: a follow-up phone call, and this email: I’m trying to track down some of these new bags right now, and I will ask one of my team to head up and replace them ASAP. By 14 October 2018 the dispenser had been refilled. Status: resolved.
  14. 07 May 2018, to NZTA: I asked for the road markings at the corner of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1 to be refreshed. The response on 10 May 2018: this have been forwarded to Higgins to schedule. On 17 May 2018 I was told: This area is going to be remarked and will be completed in the near future, however it is weather dependant. By 20 May 2018 the road markings had been refreshed. Status: resolved.
  15. 23 April 2018, Ticket # 123706/2018: asked for the Reay Mackay Grove tracks to the beach to be mowed and the toitoi etc trimmed. Status: resolved.
  16. 01 February 2018, Ticket # 119255/2018: asked for the tracks from Reay Mackay Grove to the beach to widen the area for walking through, and cut back or spray blackberry around the rubbish bin. The work was completed approx 16 February. Status: resolved.
  17. Reported 06 October 2017, Ref number 112844/2017: remove dead sheep from beach by south track off Reay Mackay Grove. Asked for update 27 October 2017 and provided a marked up map showing its location. 30 October 2017, Council response: I have just has word from our contractors that they have located the dead sheep & are disposing of it now. A check on 01 November 2017 shows it's still there though. The sheep was completely buried under a mound of sand and driftwood on approx 08 November 2017. Status: resolved.
  18. Request No 108690/2017, initiated 24 May 2017, asking for dog poop bag dispensers for Reay Mackay Grove. A dispenser was 'promised' 11 August 2017 by Craig Kidd, Parks & Property Officer • Āpiha Papa Rēhia, Rawa:

    I have been waiting on our Engineers to get back to us. A follow up call is they are having trouble getting mechanisms for the latch.

    I have asked them to proceed with making 2 of the basic holders made out of stainless steel and will work on the latches even if we have to get them made up.

    A Powder Coated dispenser would not last long in our coastal conditions.

    I am cautious that we charge ahead and spend $1800.00 plus installation for fitting to the existing refuse bins

    What I am looking at, is a bag holder/ dispenser that can be made more cheaply.

    After repeated requests for updates, Craig Kidd said on 08 September 2017:

    We are looking at going with the same as the other lower north Island councils and each dispenser is $750.00 plus installation, each.

    We will be getting 1 dispenser for the Southern end of Waikawa Beach .

    By late October 2017 repeated requests for updates are going unanswered. Eventually I was notified and on 10 November 2017 a shiny dispenser was installed at the entrance to the south track.

    Status: resolved.

  19. 12 June 2017: I asked for the Give Way road markings at the corner of Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove to be 'fixed': [recent road resealing] messed up the road markings for the Give Way sign and the markings have never been properly completed. At the moment it reads only “Way” with the triangle. There are also numerous little metal tabs still in the road.

    James Wallace, Roading Projects Engineer • Pūhanga Hinonga Arawaka said:

    these markings are no longer standard markings under the New Zealand Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings (MOTSAM), and have been replaced by the triangle “yield” symbol. This change was made in February 2005, since then Road Controlling Authorities around the country have been allowing the words to fade. The words are eventually removed completely when the surface is resealed. The tags which are intended for roadmarkers to follow had been installed incorrectly and the roadmarkers were correct to not repaint them.

    James and I communicated a few more times and in the end the tags were removed and the word 'Way' painted out with black paint.

    Status: resolved.

  20. 27 September 2017, someone had attempted to remove the 'No Horses' portion of the signs at the two tracks off Reay Mackay Grove. Marjo Crueldad, Parks & Property Officer responded: We have sent out our contractor to fix the vandalised signs.Status: resolved.
  21. 06 June 2017, Customer Request No 106058/2017: Request to Remove Gorse and Blackberry form Reserve Between 146 and 154 Strathnaver Drive. Despite several follow-ups nothing has happened, apart from the plants flowering and dropping their seeds. Eventually I stopped asking about this as it was obvious nothing was ever going to be done.

    Status: not resolved.

  22. May 2016: I asked for rubbish bins for the two beach tracks on Reay Mackay Grove. The bins were declined. Nevertheless, I persisted, and after a bit of a struggle we had two shiny new bins. Read about it at: They just binned my request. Status: resolved.
  23. Customer Request No 100078/2017, 03 March 2017: after a party using a marquee at the north end of Reay Mackay Grove a number of very large concrete blocks were left behind They were cluttering up the road and made it hard to turn a vehicle. On 13 March 2017 the blocks were finally removed. Status: resolved.
  24. Customer Request No 99373/2017, 21 February 2017: a request to trim the vegetation beside the tracks to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove. They were tidied a few days later. Status: resolved.
  25. Customer Request No 86772/2016, 22 July 2016: remove a dead sheep near the 'beach is a road sign'. On 22 July 2016 Council said: I have followed this up with our Contractors, who have advised that they are expecting to have the dead sheep removed today. Status: resolved.
  26. 12 May 2016 to Kāpiti Council: remove trailer dumped on the beach between Waikawa Beach and Otaki.

    Read more about this at: A trailer on the beach: rubbish! Status: resolved.

  27. 10 April 2016: getting a 20 litre container of corrosive material removed. Read more about this at: A Corrosive 8 twistaplot adventure on the beach. Status: resolved.
  28. June 2015: request to remove dead cow. I didn't follow this up and for more than a year the cow slowly and stinkily decomposed on the beach.

    Status: not resolved.